Online Demo

The purpose of this demo is to give users a first hand experience about how the WAYF Cloud improves access to their institutional accounts across publisher sites.

It also works also as a proof of the Platform Integration Steps.

The demo environment consists of four fictional publisher, the Red, Blue, Green and Yellow publisher, which have integrated their platform to the WAYF Cloud sandbox.

It also includes three fictional academic institutions, University of Alpha , Delta College and Lamda University, which employ IdP services in order to provide their members access to the institutional subscriptions at the publisher sites.

You can start with the demo by clicking on the Start button below which will open the Red Publisher page in a new browser window. Then follow the steps described below.

  • Please use Chrome or Firefox to view this demo.

1. Sign-in to one publisher for the first time

Every publisher has a list of books which can only be accessed by sign-in users. Even though individual user login is supported by the publisher sites, for this demo we will use the Institutional IdPs to Sign-in as members of an institution to one the publisher sites, say the Red Publisher:

  1. Click on the Sign-in option in the upper right corner
  2. Select one of the institutions, say "University of Alpha", listed in the drop down,
  3. Sign in to the selected institution (any username/password will sign you in)

Now you should be back at the publisher site and able to access the books at this publisher.

In the background, the Red Publisher will share to the WAYF Cloud information about this successfull sign-in, so that is can be used by other publishers.

2. Sign-in to another publisher for the first time

Say you now want to access content on some of the other publisher sites, for instance the Blue Publisher.
For convenience, every publisher site, has links to other publisher sites at the bottom of their main page.

  1. Select the Blue Publisher
  2. Click on the Sign-in option at the Blue Publisher

Even though this is the first time ever you visit the Blue Publisher, the publisher discovers via the WAYF Cloud that you have used "University of Alpha" to successfully sign-in at another publisher. So "University of Alpha" is offered up front as a suggestion in the Sign-in page.

3. Sign-in with another institutional account

Continue from the previous step, by selecting "more options" in the login screen and selecting another Institution, say "Lamda University" and Sing in with this University.

4. Sign-in to yet anohter publisher site using one of the suggested sign-in options

Now try to access one the books from a publisher you haven't already visited, say the Green Publisher.

  1. While at the Blue Publisher, from the previous step, click one of the links from the Green Publisher books

Notice that even though this the first time you visit the Green Publisher, the publisher can discover via the WAYF Cloud that you have successfully used both "University of Alpha" as well as "Lamda University" at other publishers, so it offers these options for a quick sign-in.

  1. Click on the "University of Alpha"

Access to the book is provided immediately, without having to login with username/password at "University of Alpha".
In fact there is redirection to the University of Alpha but because there is an active login session from Step #1, there is immediate redirection back to the Green Publisher.

You can repeat this scenario after loging-out from both the Green Publisher as well as from the University of Alpha in order to see that Sign-in to the University of Alpha will be required before you can access the content at the Green Publisher.

5. Forget Account

  1. Try to access a book from the Yellow Publisher.
  2. While at the Sign-in screen you should see options to Sign-in with the "University of Alpha" as well as with the "Delta College".
  3. Click on the 'X' symbol next the the name of "University of Alpha". This will cause the deletion of "University of Alpha" from your WAYF Cloud data.
  4. You can verify that "University of Alpha" is deleted by Signing out from one of the publisher sites and try to sign-in again.