Service Provider FAQ

Who develops the WAYF Cloud?

The WAYF Cloud is an Opensource project initially developed and supported by Atypon Systems Inc for the purposes a pilot project under the umbrella of RA21, a joint initiative of the STM Association and NISO. It has the ambition to simplify how users of the academic community access electronic publications.

Who operates the WAYF Cloud?

The WAYF Cloud software is released under the Apache 2.0 License. Any organization can use it to launch and operate a WAYF Cloud service.

For the purposes of the WAYF Cloud pilot , a Sandbox is going to be operated by the pilot team.

Long term ownership and governance model will be decided at the end of the pilot phase among members of the publishing community which will be interested to participate in it.

Does it work only with Publishing Platforms?

The technology and the architecture of the WAYF Cloud apply to a wide range of service provider domains. However, the initial goal of this project is to solve the usability issues associated with online access to academic publications and all project stakeholders are in the domain of scholarly publishing.

Who else participates in the WAYF Cloud?

There is an open call for participation to the WAYF Cloud pilot. A list of organizations that will participate will be available in the pilot page once the pilot activities are about to start.

Does the WAYF Cloud threaten the privacy of my users?

No. The WAYF Cloud does not store information that can be directly used to personally identify users. Read how does the WAYF Cloud work for more details and refer to the Privacy FAQ for more answers around the user privacy.

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